The service focuses on chronic diseases and diseases with long term impacts such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular problems, Lungs Disorders, Kidney and Liver Disorders, Bone Related Issues e.g. Arthritis and Osteoporosis and Stroke. It specificallyconcentrateson people living in urban India where swift urbanization, increased pollution and changing lifestyle coupled with poor delivery mechanism, have given rise to number of different Healthcare challenges. The Urban Middle Class needshighest support to overcome these problems.

We utilize HealthE and Vitalz- xSeries, allied doctors, well trained& certified healthcare professionals & Predictive Analytics to Scan Patients, Identify Disease and Predict Risk, get Confirmation & Prescription and finally provide continuous education &management (including SMS and other alerts to increase compliance). The comprehensive patient portal on our website allows people to access every possible help in managing their disease and helping their life style as well.


This is highly personalized and care-intensive service caters to care for geriatrics and is managed by nursing professionals who are specially trained in geriatric management and certified by Global Health Association, UK and healthcare professionals. Apart from general old age problems related to Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and few selected othersthis service specially takes care of people suffering Dementia and Alzheimer. It also takes care of Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other bone-related old age issues including medical, occupational therapist and physiotherapy at home. We provide instrumentation and infrastructure support at home.

Our At-Clinic Care Servicesassists the senior citizens with accompaniment and transportation inattending their regular Dialysis, Radiotherapy and other At-Clinic therapies.

Our palliative care, provided by our trained professionals, span a wide range of services which encompass reading, helpplayspecific music on a system play movies* on a DVD player and use of other instruments.

While our Nursing and Healthcare staff uses HealthE and Vitalz- xSeriesto take care and monitor the patient, the comprehensive patient portal on our website allows people to access every help in managing their disease as well as helping their life style. It allows uploading of health records for easy access anywhere, keeping prescriptions online and allows view of the health report (based on certain permission) by the children and other relatives.


Rising cost of healthcare is already making access to proper treatment almost prohibitive for people who are not covered by health insurance policies or government healthcare schemes. Extended stay at hospitals can be a difficult financial proposition for the families.

We designed @Home Rehabilitation Program keeping palliative care, affordability and practicality in mind. We provide complete Bedside and Nursing care for post-hospitalization rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascular issues, stroke (associated neurological issues), pulmonary disorders and post knee & hip replacement surgery. We provide all necessary medical equipments on rent and logistical support in order to convert and provide as near ICU like environment as feasible and needed by such patients.

Our mobile enabled IT platform HealthE and integrated diagnostic equipment Vitalz- xSerieshelp our nurses and healthcare professionals keep track of medical need of the patientsas per ICU grade protocols. They use the same platform for instant multichannel communication with medical professionals based on requirement of the patient. The medical professional can utilize the platform to be on a continuous monitoring mode of their patient.


People are our best assets. Care cannot be provided without human interface. We endeavor to people our organization after a strict selection process. We train and certify them on our medical protocols and provide them with special coaching and certification by senior consultants from a reputed organization like Global Health Association, UK. Our Nurses are Industry-experienced and trained on our protocols. Bedside Care Assistants are specially trained to care patients in therapeutic areas as well as elderly patients. They are provided special training to handle people suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia.

Care Managers are trained with best practices and provided with materials to not only identify a disease through diagnosis, they are also trained to help people to continue to live a healthy life with the disease.

Every healthcare professional are trained in usage of HealthE,Vitalz- xSeriesand other medical equipments they use normally to provide care to their respective patients.


Avekxa is established as a healthcare organization but not a hospital. Our philosophy is to provide care to people who need it. However we have created alliance with several general physicians, reputed specialists and physiotherapists to help our patients in getting best advice and treatment whenever they choose to avail it. The registered patients can set up appointments using the Patient Portal of our website and even communicate with medical professionals over emails.

The patients enrolled in our @Home services can expressly choose to avail the services of the medical professionals in order for us to facilitate interaction with them as appropriate.

In order to maintain high quality of services rendered, our technology platform HealthE has been built with all industry standard checks and audit trails. As per our Quality Management Process, an additional check has been added for a medical review to be conducted by the medical professionals, in case of any process exceptions or incidents caused directly or indirectly due to our services.


Disease management is an organized, proactive, multicomponent approach to healthcare delivery for people with a specific disease. Care is focused on and integrated across the spectrum of the disease and its complications, the prevention of comorbid conditions, and the relevant aspects of the delivery system.

Most important aspects of a successful disease management programs are

  • Identification all clients or patients affected by the disease.
  • Determination of the most effective way to treat the disease.
  • Under Avekxa we implement a standard operating procedure integrating with healthcare professionals, our technology platform HealthE and our integrated diagnostic deviceVitalz- xSeries to help Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies conduct Disease Management programs. The technology platform is built to be regulatory compliant and the critical components diagnostic device are FDA approved. We can offer significant benefits from cost, quality and compliance perspective to all sponsor organizations.


Health and Life Insurance companies in India and elsewhere in the world perform several medical tests and ask several questions to prospective customers in order to ascertain risk and right premium. In our experience, this process is time consuming and that increases the time taken to conclude the sales cycle. Further, we have ascertained that by enrolling policy holders in regular health check and life style improvement programs risk of future hospitalization can be substantially mitigated.

Under Avekxa we have constructed a service for the Insurance Companies and Agents to partner with us in order to enroll policy holders to our Primary Healthcare Management and Preventive Care Management Program. It can offer them tremendous benefits not only in future cost savings but also to reduce sales cycle, increase ease of data access and compliance.


Employee satisfaction and productivity is a key focus area for every organization today. Worksite Wellness Programs is a program that promotes and supports the health, safety, and well-being of its employees. The choice of appropriate wellness programs and intermediations is dependent on company’s health and wellness concerns, the employee’s interests, the wellness program’s purposes, and the return on investment that the organization perceives while executing such programs. The end goal remains that any organization would want to have more and more healthy, satisfied employees and to encourage healthy behavior changes from its employees there by increasing their productivity.

Avekxa offers number of customized services to the organizations through its corporate wellness programs. Using its HealthE platform and trained Healthcare Professionals (occupational therapists) we offer services starting from individual and corporate health portal, to health risk assessments to analytics and reports including comprehensive return on investment and outcome.