@ Home Rehabilitation Programs including Logistical and Instrumentation Support for an ICU on premise

Rising cost of healthcare is already making access to proper treatment almost prohibitive for people who are not covered by health insurance policies or government healthcare schemes. Extended stay at hospitals can be a difficult financial proposition for the families.

We designed @Home Rehabilitation Program keeping palliative care, affordability and practicality in mind. We provide complete Bedside and Nursing care for post-hospitalization rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascular issues, stroke (associated neurological issues), pulmonary disorders and post knee & hip replacement surgery. We provide all necessary medical equipments on rent and logistical support in order to convert and provide as near ICU like environment as feasible and needed by such patients.

Our mobile enabled IT platform HealthE and integrated diagnostic equipment Vitalz- xSerieshelp our nurses and healthcare professionals keep track of medical need of the patientsas per ICU grade protocols. They use the same platform for instant multichannel communication with medical professionals based on requirement of the patient. The medical professional can utilize the platform to be on a continuous monitoring mode of their patient.