@ Home Nurses, Bedside Care Assistants and Care Managers

People are our best assets. Care cannot be provided without human interface. We endeavor to people our organization after a strict selection process. We train and certify them on our medical protocols and provide them with special coaching and certification by senior consultants from a reputed organization like Global Health Association, UK. Our Nurses are Industry-experienced and trained on our protocols. Bedside Care Assistants are specially trained to care patients in therapeutic areas as well as elderly patients. They are provided special training to handle people suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia.

Care Managers are trained with best practices and provided with materials to not only identify a disease through diagnosis, they are also trained to help people to continue to live a healthy life with the disease.

Every healthcare professional are trained in usage of HealthE,Vitalz- xSeriesand other medical equipments they use normally to provide care to their respective patients.