@ Home Health & Wellbeing Management of Senior Citizens

This is highly personalized and care-intensive service caters to care for geriatrics and is managed by nursing professionals who are specially trained in geriatric management and certified by Global Health Association, UK and healthcare professionals. Apart from general old age problems related to Heart, Lungs, Kidneys and few selected othersthis service specially takes care of people suffering Dementia and Alzheimer. It also takes care of Arthritis, Osteoporosis and other bone-related old age issues including medical, occupational therapist and physiotherapy at home. We provide instrumentation and infrastructure support at home.

Our At-Clinic Care Servicesassists the senior citizens with accompaniment and transportation inattending their regular Dialysis, Radiotherapy and other At-Clinic therapies.

Our palliative care, provided by our trained professionals, span a wide range of services which encompass reading, helpplayspecific music on a system play movies* on a DVD player and use of other instruments.

While our Nursing and Healthcare staff uses HealthE and Vitalz- xSeriesto take care and monitor the patient, the comprehensive patient portal on our website allows people to access every help in managing their disease as well as helping their life style. It allows uploading of health records for easy access anywhere, keeping prescriptions online and allows view of the health report (based on certain permission) by the children and other relatives.