Medical Review and Facilitation with General Physicians, Specialists and Physiotherapists

Avekxa is established as a healthcare organization but not a hospital. Our philosophy is to provide care to people who need it. However we have created alliance with several general physicians, reputed specialists and physiotherapists to help our patients in getting best advice and treatment whenever they choose to avail it. The registered patients can set up appointments using the Patient Portal of our website and even communicate with medical professionals over emails.

The patients enrolled in our @Home services can expressly choose to avail the services of the medical professionals in order for us to facilitate interaction with them as appropriate.

In order to maintain high quality of services rendered, our technology platform HealthE has been built with all industry standard checks and audit trails. As per our Quality Management Process, an additional check has been added for a medical review to be conducted by the medical professionals, in case of any process exceptions or incidents caused directly or indirectly due to our services.