Disease Management Programs for Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Nephrology and Orthopedic Drugs and Medical Devices

Disease management is an organized, proactive, multicomponent approach to healthcare delivery for people with a specific disease. Care is focused on and integrated across the spectrum of the disease and its complications, the prevention of comorbid conditions, and the relevant aspects of the delivery system.

Most important aspects of a successful disease management programs are

  • Identification all clients or patients affected by the disease.
  • Determination of the most effective way to treat the disease.
  • Under Avekxa we implement a standard operating procedure integrating with healthcare professionals, our technology platform HealthE and our integrated diagnostic deviceVitalz- xSeries to help Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies conduct Disease Management programs. The technology platform is built to be regulatory compliant and the critical components diagnostic device are FDA approved. We can offer significant benefits from cost, quality and compliance perspective to all sponsor organizations.