About Us

Avekxa (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Care’) is a brand of Saneeti Healthcare India Pvt. Limited.

Avekxa offers a comprehensive solution to increase the reach and quality of primary health care. One of its main purpose is to manage chronic diseases and to control/prevent diseases with long term impact. It also offers ‘@ Home’ Assisted living care by qualified and specially trained nurses for senior citizens as well as post hospitalization rehabilitation for patients suffering with cardiovascular, pulmonology, nephrology and orthopedic issues.

We offer to conduct Disease Management Programs, Risk Assessment Transactions and Employee Wellness Programs for various corporate bodies. Our objective is to implement a disruptive healthcare management solution in a cost effective way while maintaining the quality of care by optimizing the usage of human resources and innovative technology.

Avekxa is brand which is launched with complete focus on patient centricity. Each of its services and the features within is built with care and customer focus which integrates multiple Healthcare stakeholders such as Doctors (general physicians and specialists), Physiotherapists, Well Trained and Certified Nurses, Pharmacists, Insurance Companies and others.

While building our service models we tried to fill the following gaps that are causing real concern for the not only people in India and growing economies but also for the people of richer economies, in the Healthcare Domain.

Lack of Affordability: Rising Cost of Healthcare, High Cost of Health Insurance.

Dual Burden of CDs and NCDs: Lack of Awareness, Mistimed Diagnosis, Poor Lifestyle, Poor Compliance, Emerging and re-emerging epidemic diseases Poor Delivery Mechanisms: Low Medical Doctors to Patients Ratio, Variation in Quality of care due to limited accreditation and adoption of basic technologies Decrease in Healthcare Support System at Home: Increase in Nuclear families, Increase in number of migrations both within and outside India.

All our services tries to bridge the above gaps for both Patients as well as Corporates. Every service is designed using global best practices and hospital grade protocols. Our Mobile Integrated Cloud based Technology Platform - HealthE,and a Patented* Diagnostic Device – Vitalz- xSerieswe use for our services are mostly compliant to global standards.